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Providing Natural Gas Measurement and Control​

Products and Services Since 1991

Our Services

/ Sizing of meters and instruments

/ Maintenance of Natural Gas equipment
/ Annual inspections
/ Testing 
/ Charting
/ Gas Meters
/ Data Collection
/ Trouble Shooting leaks 
/ Troubleshooting equipment failure
/ Repair and Replace Equipment

/ New and Refurbished Meters and Regulators

/ Collection Reports

/ On site Service

/ Pressure Monitoring

/ Recording

/ Record Keeping

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Michael Chestnut -Owner

At MGM we are dedicated to providing world class quality service.  Since our founding in 1991, we have operated our business using sound management techniques while continuing to educate our employees on all safety, code and compliance changes.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

"Proverbs 11:1"

When it comes to your equipment functioning properly it is crucial that a
knowledgeable service and parts provider is available. At MGM hundreds of customers trust us to keep their systems in safe dependable condition. Let us help you by providing the best service and parts available 24/7.

Contact us today.

​Call us now 478-662-9970  For Service and Parts Quotes

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